Computer Headsets

David Clark computer headsets are designed for use with laptops, tablets and smartphones and other smart devices. They are the perfect enterprise
communication solution for training and simulation, dispatch, data vans, industrial and ATC operations, as well as computer gaming and personal online
entertainment. Built for reliable, dependable  communication performance 
in a variety of applications in virtually any high- or low-noise environment.
Lightweight comfort and exceptional design features make David Clark computer headsets easy to wear  
during long shifts, while reducing fatigue and 
increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Model H-PC
  • Model H-PC
  • Code: 40642G-01
  • Surround-the-ear style, 3.5mm plug
  • USD $432.25 /EA
  • Retail price USD $432.25 /EA
  • EA
Model H-USB
  • Model H-USB
  • Code: 40642G-03
  • Surround-the-ear style, USB Connector
  • USD $432.25 /EA
  • Retail price USD $432.25 /EA
  • EA